Negative values for Shape Roundness when refining a selection

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2018-10-02 20:33:27

This afternoon I was trying to neaten up an old logo for which source files were unavailable. The logo was all tired and blurry. My process was as follows.

For each item:
1. Use Color Select to grab an object.
2. Use Refine Selection and Expand to get the outline exactly where I want it.
(edit) 2.5 Add a new layer.
3. Use Format > Convert into Shape to get a Shape.
4. Mess about with the control points to square off the rounded corners that resulted from the source being blurry.

I realised that it would be really useful if the Shape Roundness slider in Refine Selection could take negative values to make rounded corners more pointy. I have absolutely no idea if the current algorithm could be tweeked to do this or if it's a whole new bit of code. (I also have no idea where on a scale of 1 to impossible this lies). It certainly would be useful, though.

Hope you can help.

- Stef.
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2018-10-11 06:05:06

Thank you, Stef for being so active and your input (also you communicate very well) for bringing Pix Pro forward. Much appreciated
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2018-10-16 09:51:48

Heh, that's an interesting request — on a scale of 1 to impossible, it's a little too close to impossible for my liking. For one, how would it work with perfect circles, for example? I guess it could kind of work like corner radius does with a rounded rectangle, but why would it necessarily have 4 corners, rather than, say, 3 or 5? What about a weird shape like this:


So yeah, not sure if we can do anything about this feature... Sorry, Stef.