UI to show where the brush centre is

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2018-08-07 18:39:21

My problem
Some times I want to draw some precise lines (e.g. holding shift to create straight lines) with a big brush. Unfortunately, the cursor for the brush is just a big circle, which makes it very difficult to pick a particular pixel because you don't know precisely where the brush centre is. At the moment I'm quickly switching to "pick colour" mode to place the cursor when I want, to then turn off pick colour (without picking any colour) and keep mouse in place. But this trick doesn't work with the eraser ("pick colour" doesn't activate with the same shortcut).

A suggestion to solve it
Maybe you can change the UI of the brush circle to incorporate a dot (pixel) in the centre. That way it'll be trivial to place the centre of the brush at the exact pixel that you want.

Thanks for your time!
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2018-08-09 04:27:42

Good one for the request list as well. This will make the tool more precise. Thank you.