Increase Sharpening Amount above 100%

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2018-07-20 19:34:25

I love the fact that I can add the sharpen tool to my color adjustments. However, the tool only goes up to 100%. Most of my work is on scanned images and almost all of them require more than 100% sharpening. Would it be possible to increase this to 200%? Thanks!
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2018-07-20 20:32:51

In Pixelmator Pro you are able to add the same effect multiple times. So you can add one sharpen effect up to 100% and then add another one on the top that you set to 100%. Is that something that is okay for you to do?
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2018-07-20 20:52:12

Yes that may work, although I'm not sure about the difference between sharpening an image at say 200% and sharpening an image twice at 100%. How would you add the effect multiple times? Would you save the image and then open it again and add more sharpening?
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2018-07-21 16:42:07


Just keep adding effects by using "add" doesn't matter how many sharpen effects you add. 2, 10, 50 , that's up to you.
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2018-07-21 17:35:24

Wow! That's pretty cool, I didn't know you could do that. BTW, I'm really loving Pixelmator Pro, it's the perfect tool for my photo editing needs. Thanks!
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2018-07-26 18:52:48

I couldn't get that to work for me. Whenever I select add sharpening again, it simply removes that effect. What am I doing wrong?
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2018-07-26 19:54:18

Hi Max.

The Color Adjustments and Effects tools have subtle differences (and an overlap in functionality).

Color Adjustments can be applied only once per layer and only in the order that they are listed.
Effects can be applied multiple times per layer and can be applied in any order.

If you use Sharpen in the Effects tool you will be able to stack it.
If you really need to use a Color Adjustment multiple times on a layer, you can put the layer in a group and apply the effect to both the layer and the group. And then you can put that group in a group...

Hope this helps.

- Stef.
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2018-07-26 21:14:01

Ok, now I see how it works. I need to apply the sharpening tool under the effects menu and not the Color Adjustments tool. Thanks!