Problems with crop tool and rotation.

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2018-07-10 06:45:58

I'm having problems with the crop tool. My first problem is that when I first pick the crop tool and have "none" selected it doesn't default to the entire image. I sometimes have to shrink the zoom down one step to display all the image and the crop tool.The crop tool is also hard to fine tune and often acts like Photoshop with the snap to guides activated. Finally, if I rotate the image, it doesn't shrink to fit the monitor, it fills the original horizontal frame and crops the top and bottom of the frame (hiding them from my view).
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2018-07-12 20:20:06

This is important feedback for the team. Thank you for this. We're always trying to improve the user experience and feedback like this is welcome.
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2018-07-12 21:18:34

I'm still having problems with the rotate tool, but I discovered that if the crop tool window is smaller than the image window, I can just hit reset and it crops around the full image. It will sometimes work fine for awhile and then I go to crop a file and it's too small again. So, I just hit reset and I'm back in business.