A tool for Pixelmator Users to Share and Download Presets

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2018-02-26 04:56:08

A tool for Pixelmator Pro users to share and download presets
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2018-02-26 08:13:23

I have requested that too, they will look into it
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2018-10-20 09:39:06


Any news about this feature?
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2018-10-22 10:45:29

We haven't had much time to think about this, to be completely honest with you — it's still something that I think will need to be done and personally, I'd love to see it happen. The main stumbling block is basically the concept and its execution. I think something like this would have to be curated, rather than allowing anyone to upload anything, to try and maintain a high level of quality. So that adds a little complexity to the project.

Having said that, with Automator actions now a reality, we have more potential resources for people to share and we actually have a few other features in mind that would expand this area even more. Thanks for the reminder, I'll try to get this onto our roadmap for the web.