Open In New Tab (Preference?)

What features would you like to see in Pixelmator Pro?
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2017-12-14 22:21:02

I'd love to have the ability (or a preference) to open images into a new tab, rather than a new window. This would save me from having to run "Merge All Windows" after opening.

Not a huge priority, but certainly an opportunity for quality of life improvement.
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2017-12-15 09:01:12

There is already a way to do that: go to System Preferences > Dock and choose one of the options for the Prefer tabs when opening documents setting - either Always, In Full Screen, or Manually.
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2017-12-15 19:17:10

Oh weird — I didn't know that pref existed. Is it new in High Sierra?
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2017-12-15 19:42:21

It was introduced in macOS Sierra, as far as I can remember.
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2018-06-21 14:26:41

Well it took me a good bit of searching Google to actually find this post explaining how to do this on a permanent basis. I would highly suggest you add this to your instructions or FAQ so people realize that this is a setting on the Mac preferences and not something in the app preferences (should be in the app not Mac preferences in my opinion though). Anyways I finally found it, but really think you need to add a lot more information to your tutorials, Documentations manual and FAQ.
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2018-07-08 10:40:58

All I want to do is have Pixelmator Pro realize that if the last time I opened it I had a full-screen "desktop", the next time it was opened it would either create a new desktop or use the one that was currently in use by adding a new tab to it. iTunes, Mail and Safari do that (Even DEVONnote as well).

Doing the above simply opens a new window in the desktop where the request was issued (usually Finder).

Could be a preference setting?

Would be nice!