repairing misaligned scan

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2021-04-04 20:48:26

I have a color scan of an old black-and-white photo. (The original photo is not available.)

The image as it came to me is blurry, but I noticed some weird color artifacts. On a hunch, I split the image into layers for red, green, and blue. Now I have three images, each of which is sharper than the original. (My guess is something was misaligned in the scanner.)

Even though the original image was black-and-white, I would like to put these three color layers back together to see if the result looks better than any single layer.

I suspect I need to be able to nudge each layer by very small amounts in various directions, but probably not merely up, down, left, and right; I doubt the alignment problem is strictly along the horizontal or vertical axis. I also doubt the alignment is off by an even multiple of pixels.

What's the best approach for this?
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2021-04-07 11:36:56

Hey there Pete! If possible, perhaps you could share a screenshot of how these artifacts look like?