Trapezoid Text Box?

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2020-12-22 23:40:39

I have scoured the Internet looking for this. In Pixelmator Pro, is it possible to create a trapezoid text box, where the text follows the shape of the trapezoid?

I'm not looking for you to do this for me, but if you know of a tutorial, or video that shows how... I'd be indebted.
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2020-12-23 09:20:22

Do you happen to have a visual example of the effect you're going for? Because right now, I can imagine three scenarios:

1. You're looking for text wrapping – you can draw a text box in any shape and the text within it wraps to the boundaries of the box
2. You're looking for typing on a path – you draw a trapezoid shape and the text flows along the outline of the shape
3. You're looking for perspective-distorted text – you draw a trapezoid shape and one line of text warps to fit the shape of the box

I'll admit 3 is probably quite unlikely. 2 is already available and you can learn about it here. 1 isn't possible at this time but can be achieved manually by adding a regular text box, adding a trapezoid shape above it to use as a guide, then adding spaces and line breaks to format the text inside the box. It isn't the most pleasant process but it should get you the result you're looking for!