What are some 2D animation tools to use with Pixelmator Pro?

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2020-12-17 03:05:10

Dear Pixelmator Pro folks,

Due to extremely limited resources online on Pixelmator Pro, I'm trying to validate this idea of drawing 2D characters using Pixelmator Pro via a Wacom drawing tablet, separate each drawing into layers and export them into a motion graphics software (Apple Motion in my case) to animate them.

Am I getting this workflow correct or am I missing something? If the latter, what am I missing and what tools would you all recommend instead?

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2020-12-18 16:18:21

While I'm not an animator, I can see that Motion accepts raster image formats (and supports PSD files, too) so, in terms of getting your assets from Pixelmator Pro to Motion, you shouldn't have any trouble at all. My personal advice would be to start looking for tutorials on animating in Motion and find out what kind of assets you'll need and in what formats. But generally speaking, the workflow should work!
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2020-12-20 14:10:10

Thank you so much, Andrius!