Some feedback about 2.0

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2020-11-20 11:43:07

First, good things: Pixelmator blends-in with native Big Sur apps very well and even improves on where apple did mistakes. For example, the standard "export" button in Pixelmator looks sharp while in Apple apps it looks blurry. Probably due to usage of apple symbols.





What a nice detail!

How presets are presented is also an improvement. Having only 15" display, I never opened presets in previous versions as it narrowed down visible area horizontally. Now it is on top. Like in Keynote. Well done.

A new generic shape tool: meh. It isn't a time saver. Opening tool, finding a shape, then clicking again on it to insert. Feels like there are too many steps. Also having to open a popup menu to switch category? No, will probably never use it.

Ability to configure interface layout is nice, but there is one thing that will limit potential of it: inspector content depends on tool, not on selection. For example, to edit text attributes of text layer, I have to activate one of text tools. For me, this limits how far from inspector I can place tool panel. Personally I'd like to put my tool panel on the left and keep inspector on the right. But now I have to move my head from left to right all the time just to activate text tool on the left, edit text options on the right, then activate arrange tool on the left, then edit position on the right and so forth. Most users will keep tool panel and inspector in the same place, like it was before.

Overall aesthetic look of the app is also meh. A lot of horizontal and vertical likes to separate content, multiple background colors to create a hierarchy, text fields are bordered now almost everywhere. This all looks heavier on my eyes than the previous versions.

Not bad, but I feel like there is not much else new. Addition of text on path was a bigger deal than this.
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2020-11-26 16:24:13

Thanks for the feedback – good or bad, we appreciate it all, as long as it's reasoned and yours is. The new shape tool setup will let us add some nice shortcuts (Shift-U to cycle tools and U to select the most recent one), which is an improvement over how things were in my eyes.

The other stuff is maybe more a matter of taste, so it's difficult to argue about but we'll keep your comments in mind either way!