ML Super Resolution results very underwhelming

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2020-11-19 22:10:08

After seeing Gruber's gushing praise of Pixelmator Pro's ML Super Resolution feature, I decided to download the trial and test it out on some small, low-res photos I have. I think Gruber really, really oversold this feature by calling it "truly mindbendingly cool."

The results on my photos have been underwhelming and not really useful. ML Super Resolution seems to smooth out a ton of detail, resulting in a loss of detail and giving the upscaled photos a heavily smeared, airbrushed look. Also, some details get warped and distorted.

I upscaled the same photo in Gigapixel AI and the results were much better.

Am I using the ML Super Resolution feature incorrectly or are these results that I'm seeing the best that can be expected?
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2020-12-09 15:36:00

Hey Vic! Do you have any sample images you could share with us? It would be awesome if you could send them to Thanks!