Utterly Flummoxed. Where's the switchers guide? (Need help with PS adjustment layers)

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2020-11-19 15:00:59

I am completely new to PP and I'm looking at it to replace PS. I am a photographer and generally make edits of portraits.

Now what I'm used to doing is using an adjustment layer to make edits to my photo. I'd have a layer for blemishes, smoothing, curves and so on.

I'm trying hard to understand this in PP. Do I have to make a selection first, or do I duplicate the whole image and adjust from there?

Also how would I go about making a local adjustment? In PS I would create a layer mask, invert it and use a brush to select where I'd want the edit.

PP needs a switchers guide.
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2020-11-26 15:31:58

Hey Geoffrey, an adjustment layer-based workflow is a little difficult to implement in Pixelmator Pro at this time. In most cases, the best approach is probably duplicating and masking. The good news is adjustment layers are on our roadmap and we may even be able to add them in one of the upcoming major updates.

Your local adjustment workflow using masks should, in theory, work, though. Which part are you having trouble with?

As for a switcher's guide, in an ideal world, we shouldn't need one because everything is self-explanatory and easy to find, but for stuff like this, it might make sense. Having said that, as adjustment layers are on the roadmap, maybe it's better if we just add the missing feature instead.