Installing new brushes

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2020-09-27 13:37:03

Hi All, I'm new to Pixelmator and loving it's intuitive interface and tools. I am expanding my use of it and bought some brushes and shapes on the App Store and can't find a way to install them so they are always available in Pixelmator's UI.

Any ideas?
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2020-09-28 09:50:38

Hey Robert, in most macOS interfaces, you should be able to drag and drop things from one place to another to import them, though I haven't tested the Pixelmator preset packs from the App Store (they aren't created by us) so I'm not sure if that will definitely work. But I have a feeling the presets should be inside the app package and you would be able to drag those files onto the Pixelmator Pro icon in the Dock to import them.

The general steps for that would be:

• Find the app in the Applications folder
• Control-click it, then choose Show Package Contents
• Open the Contents folder, then probably the Resources folder
• The presets should most likely be in there, possibly inside some other folders.

Sorry for the vague instructions, this is only a hunch!

P.S. Welcome to the community!
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2020-10-04 08:33:29

Thanks Andrius, Tried all options and it seems that brushes intended for Pixelmator don't apply to Pixelmator Pro. Beware of App Store offerings.
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2020-10-06 10:18:45

To be honest, I have a feeling this should still be possible in some way, could you email me about this at I'll see if I can think of something.