Color proof for typography (CMYK)

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2020-07-30 21:32:13

Hello friends!

Very handy and friendly application, thank you.

I meet a problem with the output of the image to print. When working with a file, I set the sRGB color profile and then select the color proof FOGRA 39. I send the completed image in the .TIFF FOGRA 39 format. But when I open the image in the program, I preview it or print it with a strong loss of the gamut range. Tell me there are restrictions or instructions for this? Image
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2020-07-31 14:37:35

Hi Dmitry. Just to be sure — do you export your image only with the FOGRA 39 soft proofing applied, or do you additionally choose this profile in the Export dialog here:

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2020-08-01 12:54:58

Sorry, I am using Pixelmator Pro. And you need to convert to tiff, not jpeg.
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2020-08-03 12:47:00

Right! I forgot to change the file format when taking the screenshot but TIFF should have Color Profile as an option as well. Essentially, Pixelmator Pro only works within the RGB color space but it's possible to convert images to CMYK or grayscale when exporting. That's pretty much why I wanted to know how you typically export your images. While soft proofing only simulates how the image would look like on a different device or when printed, changing the color profile in the Export dialog assigns that profile to the image.