How could I change the pictures of a Book Mockup like that?

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2020-07-24 02:17:41

I would like to replace the mockup template for my own pictures, but I didn't find an easy way to do that.

This is the picture of the mockup:


Please, download the free .PSD mockup here to try it: ... 277414.htm

I tried two ways:

1) I made an image of the same size of the book's cover and used the "Transform" feature so I could adjust the image into the book. The cover image was nice but it was not so good, because the book is 3D and some parts are rounded and there are curves at the left and bottom sides.

2) I replaced the original image from the layer by mine and the curve issue was solved. Now I got a problem with the image, since the letters were not transformed. The new cover fit 100% as the original one, but the information at the cover became distorted:


Is there a way to just replace the picture and keep the aspect ratio?

How could I bend the sides of the cover?