When to Use Masks in Photo Editing

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2020-07-22 19:57:42

Hi Community. I've been using the elegant Pixelmator Pro for over a year now for RAW photo editing. I am not a Lightroom/Photoshop refugee and am learning through tutorials and practice every day.

As I learn more I have a couple of questions. I'll post them separately to keep the threads clear.

1. There is more than one way to do almost everything, which is both liberating and confusing. In that vein, I have learned that if I use a mask to make an adjustment it does allow me to tweak it easier by editing the mask. However I then get into problems by stacking multiple mask layers. My understanding is Lightroom handles this differently. When is it best to use a mask and when is it best to just edit the photo directly? How do you deal decide?

Thank you for your thoughts.