Main window width - wont reduce to 50% of MBP screen

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2020-07-16 20:42:04

Just trying to have the Pixelmator window on the left (50%) and my website preview on the right (50%).
Cant reduce pixelmator window to 50% width.
Have tried turning off the extra views, toolbar, etc.

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2020-07-17 10:55:13

Hi there, right now, the minimum width of the document window does not change when certain interface elements are hidden. For that reason, the minimum size you're seeing takes into account the potential width of the Tools sidebar when the presets are visible (and when the Type tool's presets are visible, even just the Tools sidebar is quite wide) as well as the Layers sidebar and the image canvas. We do have some ideas about how we could address this, though!
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2020-07-17 20:13:15

Thanks Andrius. Could we file a request for this feature?