How to replace the background in a Portrait photo.

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2020-04-30 11:42:58

Portrait photo taken with iPhone XR. No extra layer is shown during import. What to do?
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2020-04-30 11:47:24

Is it a 'true' portrait photo, i.e. is it of a person?

Just FYI, portrait mode for objects/pets/etc. is available on iPhone 11 only, as you can see here: ... ects-pets/
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2020-05-01 09:54:18

Yes Andrius, it is a real portrait photo taken with the iPhone XR. Image Image
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2020-05-04 13:35:12

In that case, I've just remembered something else — how are you sharing the photo from Photos? Are you using the Image > Edit With > Pixelmator Pro feature. Or are you opening it using the photo browser in Pixelmator Pro itself? Or are you maybe dragging and dropping the image from the Photos app onto the Pixelmator Pro icon in the Dock? Due to the way Photos currently handles portrait photos, only the first method actually retains the mask.