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2020-02-03 09:14:33

I've taken the plunge and upgraded by Pixelmator software to Pro.

Loving it so far and having fun getting used to the new way of working.

I have a query though.

Has Pixelmator Pro a workaround for a Photoshop feature that allows saving of image selections for loading into same or different image?

For example, I take a lot of car images and I've been brushing away reflections on the vehicles using a mixture of clone stamp and repair tools.

Looking at various YouTube tutorials, specifically this one - - shows exactly the technique.

Is this possible with Pro?

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2020-02-04 16:27:24

Hi Ben, if you'd like to save a selection, you could create a shape from it and add a group to your image where you'd keep all your selections. To quickly load a selection, you can Command-click the layer thumbnail in the Layers sidebar. If you add all your saved selection shapes to a group and hide the group, you'll be able to load the selections without showing the layers themselves being visible. Here's what that would look like in the Layers sidebar:


How are you making your selections, by the way, using the Free Selection tool or the Pen tool? Because if you're using the Pen tool, you'd need to make sure to add a basic color fill (100% opacity) and turn off the stroke. If you're making the selection using the Free Selection tool, you can simply Control-click the selection and choose Convert into Shape and the default options would work for you.
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2020-02-04 20:50:34

Thanks Andrius.

Selections are made using free selection, not the Pen.

Using the pen just made a mess of my image!! Lol.

I’ll have a go at your suggestion. Cheers.
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2020-02-06 15:35:18

Yeah, the Pen tool is used to draw shapes, but after drawing one, you could make a selection from it using the Load Selection command. It's useful if you prefer drawing bezier curves or when the edges of an object are rounded/curved in various ways, like a car would be. Anyway, I'd love to hear whether my suggestions helped at all!