Select several shapes

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2019-10-02 18:17:03


Is there a way to select several shapes with a mouse, without selecting them one-by-one or picking from layers?

The problem: there are several shapes on the page, I'd like to select some of them in a rectangular area and move them somewhere. The only way to do it that I found is cmd-click each of them, which takes time. Am I missing anything else?
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2019-10-03 15:18:55

You can also Shift-click layers in the Layers sidebar to select each layer between the currently selected one and the one you Shift-click. Drawing a selection over objects on the canvas isn't currently possible but would be a nice feature to have — in fact, it's already on the feature request list.
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2019-10-03 15:41:19

Awesome, glad to know it's on the feature request list! Selecting objects in layers is quite hard, if layers are not logically arranged in groups and there are quite a lot of shapes on the canvas.