Re-creating two effects that were in iPhoto?

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2019-09-15 22:41:39

Can anyone help me figure out how to re-create two effects that were available in iPhoto?

The first is the effect iPhoto called “Fade”. It could be applied at a range of levels, from 1 to 9. It seemed to desaturate and brighten, but also add a bluish cast.

The second is the effect iPhoto called “Edge Blur” It could be applied at a range of levels from 1 to 11. Each level increasingly blurred a portion of the image, working in towards the center with each higher level, but at each level, from 1 to 11, there the same subtle darkening of the edge of the photo around the entire image — which didn’t grow in size or darkness even as the blurring effect expanded toward the center of the photo.

Those two effects have always been favorites of my wife. I’m trying to find a way to re-create all of the details of them both for her. Any help would be appreciated.

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2019-09-16 13:09:37

Hi Bob.

As a bit of an experiment (and without having seen the effects you describe) here's my attempt to recreate them from your descriptions alone. I wonder if they are at all close to the effects you are trying to reproduce...

First start with Kylie Minogue. Because why not?

1. Kylie Unaltered


2. Kylie Fade


3. Kylie Edge Blur


I wonder if these are close enough to use as starting points? Or if the effect you are after are radically different?

- Stef.
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2019-09-16 17:04:09

Stef, thank you so much. It's a little different from the iPhoto fade effect-- but you give me hope to experiment.

Here's a screenshot of what iPhoto fade levels do to the Kylie photo you used.

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2019-09-16 17:43:19

No worries. I wasn't a million miles away with fade but I did veer off track a bit. Looking at your example, I think there may be a direct substitute in Pixelmator Pro. Have a look at Color Monochrome (Effects > Add > Color Adjustments > Color Monochrome). Pick the colour with the Intensity of the effect set to 100% to get the 9th level effect then, once you have the colour right, dial in the Intensity to get the level you want. I find that it can be tricky to get the colour just right but a bit of time spent experimenting/playing should get you there.
Good luck and have fun.
- Stfe.
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2019-09-17 11:06:08

Thanks so much, Stef…looking forward to trying that.  My wife uses that effect often on otherwise-nondescript photos to make them, as she says, “more arty.”  Here is an example of adding 4 levels of fade.