What kind of Vector improvements would be awesome for pix pro?

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2019-09-11 19:34:08

I am wondering what kind of Vector improvements we could see in the upcoming updates?
I am not doing much with vectors. Maybe some one has better ideas what can be improved?
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2019-09-13 14:43:31

The Pen tool works in a somewhat nonstandard way compared to the most popular vector editing apps (especially when it comes to modifying and moving individual points/drawing on existing shapes) so that's something I think we'd all love to see improved. And that might be the biggest thing, in fact.
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2019-09-14 09:19:13

Thanks Andrius, for the info.

EPS and AI support (important/export) is this something which characterise a vector specific app?

I love that you guys are focusing on PIx Pro to make it outstanding and that you postponed vectormator. Is this still on the roadmap?
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2019-09-17 12:46:57

AI is a tricky one since it's proprietary and there's not much documentation for it, EPS might be doable and would be fairly important for a vector-centric app.

Regarding Vectormator, it's difficult to say, to be honest. Vectormator is still a possibility but Pixelmator Photo is more likely to see the light of day on the Mac before Vectormator.