completing action via- format>style>stroke (Pixelmator Pro Beta)

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2019-07-11 19:51:34

I want to create a circle, for example using the stroke option. I know where to set it up but can't find how to complete the action!

Can someone please enlighten me!

:-> Thanks a million

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2019-07-12 19:17:38

Hi Tony

I guess you are trying to create the style first on an empty layer maybe? If I create a new layer, draw a rectangle and add a stroke via format>style>stroke I see the result automatically. If I add the style on an empty layer the moment I start drawing with the Brush tool the stroke also appears.

I don't know what other steps you are taking but hope this helps
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2019-07-13 09:31:59

Thanks John. I'll try that.

Thanks for getting back to me

All the best Tony