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2019-05-05 09:58:13

Hi. Can anyone explain how I complete a command with the STROKE TOOL please? I've been trying to figure this out for the last half hour.

Thanks Tony
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2019-05-06 07:01:43

Hey Tony, could you clarify a little about what's not working for you?

Generally speaking, the Stroke layer style simply adds a stroke around your active layer, whether that's some text, a shape, or an image. It's isn't really a tool and there isn't a multi-step process to get a stroke to appear. You just select the layer to stroke, choose the Style tool, and turn on the Stroke style. Then, you can customize the look of the stroke as well, of course.

If you can share a screenshot of the results you're seeing or the steps you're taking and let me know at which point you're getting stuck, I'd do my best to help.