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2019-04-20 07:37:29

Hi Andrius & Stef,

In April 2015 we purchased 6 licenses of Pixelmator (working with someone from the support team called Edita, who sent us a purchase link, as Volume Licensing through the App Store is not supported in India) but when we followed up trying to get updates (paid or otherwise) we never got a response back.

I've purchased one license of Pro so far to test and really like what it has to offer, and am interested in deploying it across the team (15 additional licenses to start with, with another 10 later on this year) so we can stop using the significantly older version of Pixelmator that we are still running. Can someone help me with this please? I'd also like some clarity on the upgrade process for purchases made this way, as last time we feel like we got screwed over since we couldn't upgrade at all and no-one even bothered responding to our emails.

Posting this here as you guys respond quickly to the posts in this community.

- Sandeep.
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2019-04-20 17:09:14

Hey Sandeep, it sounds unusual to me that you received no response to emails about updates, the only thing I can think of is that your email may have been filtered by Gmail spam filters. But we turned those off and deal with spam manually, so that could only have happened around over a year ago. In any case, the fix for that particular issue is simple — the same link you received (or should have received) when you bought the app and downloaded it for the first time will let you download the latest version of Pixelmator. If that isn't working, please do email us at support@pixelmator.com and we'll definitely respond. You can also email me personally at andriusg@pixelmator.com (though I really think you shouldn't have to as we do respond to support emails, I'd just like to stress that one more time).

As for multiple Pixelmator Pro licenses, is VPP still not supported in India? We could work something out if that's the case, but issues like this are one of the reasons why we prefer to do everything via the App Store.