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2019-04-09 12:10:19

Very new to Pixelmator, just trying the trial version, after many years using Adobe products. Is it possible to apply third party or my own made textures to images. I often apply hi res textures to flower images. Im probably over thinking how to do this. Thank you.
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2019-04-09 14:37:23

Hey Floyd, would you be able to share an example of the result you're looking to achieve? That will help me get a better idea about what kind of steps to share with you.
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2019-04-09 17:01:13

Andrius thank you for your reply.
For the image below the usual procedure was import the image into Photoshop, then click on place embedded which allowed me to choose a texture from a folder in Pictures Folder. Once the textured was placed, I would reduce the opacity of the texture to 60, which allowed the flower image to be seen, then using the eraser tool and a soft brush set at 20, I could erase the texture where it wasn't needed in small amount.

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2019-04-11 15:07:02

Well, going by your workflow there, I'd say you could do the following:

1. Add the texture layer as a new layer.
2. Change its blend mode to Overlay or similar.
3. Add a mask to the layer and mask out the unneeded areas using the Erase/Paint tool.

If you could also share a sample source image along with a texture, I could try to make sure those steps do work.
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2019-04-11 16:43:35

Hi Andrius yes it works, thank you for the time you've put into this.
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2019-04-11 16:46:53

Waheey, no problem! Always glad to hear I could help.