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2019-03-21 17:41:27

Here is a fun one

I need to be able to take a Layer that is just a white background (800 x 420) and put my client's product images on top of this layer after being resized to fit perfectly in the center. The problem is when I get product images from clients they are usually all over the place in sizes. I need a way to auto resize them based on height (so they all are 400 px heigh so there is space around the image when it sits inside the rectangle).

Its basically like a reverse watermark, and like the watermark function, but I need to automate the watermark function blasting through and adding each layer, exporting the image once its resized and centered, and then deleting the layer and moving onto the next one.

I have to resize about 300-400 images at a time, and I would love to finally automate this in 2019

Hoping you guys can help me get back some hours!

Video Mantis
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2019-03-25 16:36:20

That is a fun one! However, it isn't possible... One fairly simple way we could make this a reality is by adding a Behind blending mode to the effects, in which case you could use the Color fill effect on any image with transparent areas. However, thinking about it, to make transparent areas, you'd also need a "resize canvas" Automator action. I've added both of these to our feature request list and we'll definitely think about them when the time comes to increase our selection of actions for Automator.