Attaching *.pxd to e-mail (using Postbox)

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2019-03-09 09:54:23


Whenever I try to attach a *pxd-file to an e-mail using e-mail client Postbox (latest version) the pxd-file appears to be a directory, which cannot be selected as an e-mail-attachment. Only when zipping this "folder" I can attach the pxd-file to an e-mail.

Is this a feature or a Postbox bug or my mistake? Please advise.

Thanks and best regards.

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2019-03-09 11:03:17

Hi Heinrich.
I don't use Postbox but I have a thought as to what might be going on. PXD files are package files ( ). Short story, they're directories that macOS treats like files. Try testing Postbox with a different package file. Something like an app should suffice.
Tip: if you want to check if a file is a package, right click on it in Finder and, if it has the option Show Package Contents, it's a package.
Hope this helps.
- Stef.
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2019-03-09 11:09:50

Thanks for your swift reply. You are right. In the MacOS Finder the pxd-file looks like a file. Only in the
file manager invoked by Postbox the file looks like a folder. Will check with the Postbox chaps.

Cheers. H.