Clone Stamp Keyboard Shortcut?

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2019-02-22 17:13:53

I have used Photoshop as well as Pixelmator and they both use the "S" key as a quick keyboard shortcut to go to the clone stamp tool (much like the "V" key for selection. When I press the "s" key it brings me to opacity, which is fine. I know option click to source what I want to clone, but am wondering if there is just a keyboard shortcut for the clone stamp itself. I use this a lot for work so it's driving me nuts and would greatly appreciate any help!
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2019-02-25 14:59:49

There isn't a default shortcut for it in Pixelmator Pro, but you could set up your own using the steps outlined here: ... shortcuts/
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2019-02-25 15:00:33

Awesome, thanks!
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2019-02-26 11:35:04

No problem, happy to help!