Have I Got Pixlmator 1.3 or 1.24?

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2019-01-22 16:01:48

I'm confused. I now seem to have 2 copies of Pixelmator Pro. They both describe themselves as 1.24 with a 2019 copyright date. Since 1.2.4 came out in 2018, I suspect they are actually both 1.3. On the one hand, the Apple Store shows version 1.3 but doesn't indicate that an update is available to me, on the other, it doesn't show that I have been automatically updated either!
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2019-01-22 16:06:10

My advice would be to move both copies to the Trash and download a fresh copy from the Mac App Store — that always fixes any App Store syncing issues, which this seems to be.

Try that out and let me known how it goes!
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2019-01-22 16:20:21

Thanks, Andrius. That did the trick
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2019-01-22 16:44:27

Sweet, let us know what you make of the changes!