Removing yellow-eye, am struggling here

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2019-01-18 04:57:13

Hey folks! Long time fan and user of Pixelmator, first time poster.

I have a family picture I need to fix for an upcoming funeral. It suffers from "yellow-eye" big time. Red-eye removal in other apps failed me.

Based on a previous thread found here, I tried Pixelmator Pro's Darken and Desaturate tool, but have not seen how they could help in a few tries.

Here are two (very zoomed to protect the innocent) examples:



Thanks for any tips!
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2019-01-22 18:47:15

Bump? Is it because of the horrible looking example pics? I don't want to post a family picture of a dozen people without their consent.
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2019-01-23 08:47:34

No, the example pics are absolutely fine, this is actually just a pretty difficult thing to do, either manually or automatically — I tried using a couple different methods, but nothing seemed to do the trick, I'm afraid. Basically, there's no detail at all left in the eye (even if it's made up of a couple of pixels), and you have to paint in the right pixels, almost. Maybe someone else has some experience with this?
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2019-01-23 22:56:26

Thank you, I had assumed I was just doing it wrong as an inexperienced user. Oh well!