How to make layer the same size as the background layer ?

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2019-01-07 07:03:28


I'm trying to create a set of layers that I can export individually that will contain some black areas to work as masks ontop of the background image.

Each layer I would like to be EXACT same size as the background image but just be transparent everywhere else than the blacked out area.

I tried creating a layer that is exact same size as background and merge it with the other layer - but everytime the transparent part just disapears and the new layer is back to its small same size.

What am I doing wrong ?
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2019-01-07 09:24:26

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what exactly it is you're trying to achieve... As a general rule, transparency outside the contents of a layer is not part of a layer, but not because this is some sort of technical decision, it's just that transparency is literally nothing, so even if it was, in some theoretical way, treated to be part of a layer, the appearance of the final image would not be affected in any way. Would you be able to share a screenshot of your Pixelmator Pro document with the layers sidebar visible along with a more in-depth explanation of the result you're looking for? I'll do my best to guide you.