Importing and coloring a pencil sketch

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2018-12-22 05:50:29

Just discovered Pixelmator Pro and am very excited at the possibilities! I do illustrations for magazines and newspapers. Typically in Photoshop, I draw a pencil sketch by hand on paper, scan it and place in a document. I set that layer to multiply and I color the pencil sketch on a layer below. It works seamlessly; the drawing layer right over the drawing and allows the color to show. In Pixelmator Pro, trying to emulate that process/look, I multiply my pencil sketch layer and add a Color layer below. When I use the Free Select or Quick Select tool on the color layer with the intention of creating a color shape underneath my sketch, the layer above (the multiplied Pencil Sketch layer) has a white halo and/or small islands of white around the edges of the pencil line and obscures the color layer below. Obviously, I am doing something wrong, but I am still thinking like I am using Photoshop. If I set a layer to Multiply with a pencil drawing, why does’t all of the white become transparent? My apologies if I am overlooking the simplest and most obvious solution. Thanks!