Adding Points to Stars

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2018-12-16 17:47:51

In Pixelmator, there was an adjustment bar that allowed you to quickly add up to 20 points on the star. I wanted to add more than that so I downloaded Pixelmator Pro. After spending way too much time hunting for any controls over the Star shape, I couldn't find any such control. Nor could I find any help topic on the subject.

Is there a way to quickly adjust the number of points on a Star shape?
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2018-12-18 15:09:05

Hey there, you add the star shape, everything should work in Pixelmator Pro the exact same way — you can find the star in the Shapes palette (View > Show Shapes). Are the round green handles not visible, by any chance?
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2018-12-18 15:18:34

Andrius — Finally found the handles. I was looking for a separate slider like the one in the classic version. I'd still be interested if there is a way of adding more than 20 points.
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2018-12-19 11:55:30

Not a quick one that I can think of, but I can add this to the feature request list!
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2018-12-19 13:26:25

Many thanks — would make a fantastic application a stellar one : )

— Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!