Workflow suggestions for social media banners and thumbnails

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2018-12-13 00:05:32

Folks, I want to know if Pixelmator Pro has features that could help me be more efficient. I tend to have to make banners for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and thumbnails for IGTV. The content is generally the same. The specs differ in size of course, but is there a better way where images or layers can somehow be linked so that I don't have to have to redo the work in each document.? I guess what I am looking for is something like Adobe XD CC's responsive resize feature (I've never used it only read about it).

If some kind of dynamic resizing for social media standards isn't possible, I won't be too disappointed being that I figure it's not there. However I also considered maybe some of you have workaround or workflow that help.

Pixelmator Pro already has built in templates for social media banner and thumbnail sizes, but I want to be able to link their content but [mostly] do it once.
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2018-12-13 09:04:42

Linked/dynamically resized objects are a very cool feature idea for uses exactly like yours (and things like mockup files) — Pixelmator Pro doesn't currently have something like this, but it's on the feature request list and it's one of the more interesting areas to explore for future updates!

No simple workarounds currently come to mind, but maybe someone else will jump in and suggest something here...