Moving a layer issue

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2018-12-10 16:10:16

Hi all,

I am a newbie and can't work something out. I'm trying to move a layer with the arrange button and just dragging the object across the screen. I have the layer selected but when I go to click and drag the layer the program automatically selects a different layer and moves it instead. Any ideas?

Thanks so much!

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2018-12-11 13:54:49

I'm guessing you're probably clicking within the bounds of the layer, but not on the actual contents of the layer — for example, a transparent part in the center of a squiggly line layer. In that case, you'll need to make sure to click the contents of a layer, or you can turn off automatic layer selection. To do that, you'll need to choose the Arrange tool and turn off Auto Select at the bottom of the Tool Options pane. With Auto Select off, you'll need to select layers in the Layers sidebar rather than in the composition.