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2018-12-07 23:53:02

I was an early adopter of Pixelmator Pro, frustrated at its 1.0 bugginess and light feature set, especially for the price at the time. Since then I've only occasionally used it, even having paid for it.
In the last week or so, though, I've been very pleased with what's happened in the last few updates. The ML adjustment system works extremely well for quick fixing of images, and the sub-adjustments offer truly useful granularity — it's really smart and impressive. The new color adjustment wheels are also pretty brilliant.
I understand that app readiness isn't the only factor determining release, and I think it really hurt Pixelmator Pro (and users like me) this time. On the other hand, the app is developing beautifully now into a smarter Pixelmator, which I guess was the intention all along.
After all my initial critical comments, I felt like I want to balance things out a bit now that more pieces have fallen into place. It's nice to be excited again about Pixelmator Pro.
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2018-12-10 08:36:06

Hey Robby, thanks so much for the kind words! I have to say, we've done quite a bit of reflecting about things this year and obviously, we keep coming back to talking about whether we should have released Pixelmator Pro when we did. The first few months were difficult, to say the least. And then the rest of the year, we've had to work on rebuilding trust by showing that this new app is both powerful and reliable, which isn't that easy to do. But, strangely, we do feel the release date was more or less right, even in hindsight. If we had worked on the app to get it to where it is now without releasing it, it may have taken us an extra year and you can only work on something in secret for so long until you burn out.

Thank you for being an early adopter and sticking with us — I know it wasn't exactly easy in the beginning, but we're all really excited about the future of the app and we think you'll really enjoy what's coming next year.