Using Vintage Photo Tutorial in Pro

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2018-12-04 19:30:30

In the tutorial for creating a vintage look photo, that I assume was created for the older version of Pixelmator, one of the steps involves using the blur tool viz
Blur Tool in the Tools palette and drag over the image corners. Make sure that the blur strength in the Tool Options bar (View > Show Tool Options) is set to 100% before using the Blur Tool.
But I don't see the blur tool. I only see a way to apply a blur as an effect to the whole image.
Is there a blur tool, that I apparently can't find? If not how is the action in the tutorial implemented in the Pro version.

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2018-12-05 10:57:32

Hey there, there is indeed a blur tool — it's now called the Soften tool.

P.S. It looks like us renaming it has inadvertently made the tool more difficult to find, so it might be a good idea to change it to the Blur tool...