"save as" with preference JPEG

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2018-11-05 13:32:17

For now, the jpeg is still the export mode to beat and within Pixelmator I miss a default preference setting for jpeg. For as far I know, I can save an image with the save mode but have to manually chance the extension to jpeg instead of pxm. I would like to have a save preference that can be set to jpeg without making extra effort of export the image involved.
Any tips?
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2018-11-06 08:57:36

Hey there, if you open up Pixelmator Pro > Preferences and deselect "Import JPEG, PNG, and TIFF images", the JPEGs you open won't be imported as PXDs and you'll be able to save over them directly.
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2018-11-06 11:13:29

Thx, I'm give it a trie
(and that's the reason for choosing Pixelmator Pro!)
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2018-11-10 09:20:10

Well, I think that the .pxd extension is fine for having the ability to see the history of changes, etc. However, a Save As, as opposed to Export seems more intuitive to me.
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2018-11-13 08:46:12

I dunno, to me Save As indicates you're saving the exact same file under a different name (basically, duplicate and rename while keeping the same format), while Export quite explicitly suggests you'd like to change from the default/current format to some other one.