Photoshop Brushes

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2018-10-18 16:15:19

When will we be able to import our Photoshop brushes?
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2018-10-18 21:04:27

That's lined up for one of the upcoming updates and we've already started working on it, so not too long from now. ūüĎĆ
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2018-12-07 10:48:08

I can import mine. I just highlighted them all, right clicked, then selected open with Pixelamtor Pro.
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2018-12-08 01:25:08

I've imported all Photoshop .abr files. Clicked the GEAR icon, selected Import, opened the folder containing all my .abr files, selected each set and clicked Import. (I have done this on two separate MACS.)

Because I no longer maintained an account with Adobe, the .abr files would not open on my MAC, but they imported perfectly to Pixelmator Pro. I'm exploring each, renaming as appropriate, and adding some to Favorites.

A new issue is how to have identical set of brushes in Pixelmator Pro used on two separate MACS. I keep Pixelmator Pro documents on iCloud Drive, but the Pixelmator Pro 1.2.4 application is installed on each MAC.

Seeking guidance please. Should I move Pixelmator Pro Application to iCloud Drive? and if I do, what are the consequences?
Other thoughts?
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2018-12-11 13:46:22

Hey Amanda, Pixelmator Pro preferences don't sync across iCloud, but you can move your collections over manually ‚ÄĒ you'll need to up the Finder app, choose Go > Go to Folder (from the Go menu at the top of your screen) and paste the following path:

~/‚Ā®Library‚Ā©/‚Ā®Group Containers‚Ā©/‚Ā©/‚Ā®Library‚Ā©/‚Ā®Application Support‚Ā©/com.pixelmatorteam.pixelmator.x‚Ā©/‚Ā®Presets‚Ā©

Then, you'll need to copy the Brushes.library folder from that location, to the same location on the other Mac. Hope that helps!