Merging versus grouping

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2018-06-16 21:06:44

What is the difference between the two?
Thank you.
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2018-06-17 10:13:06

Hi Marion.

This is a much easier question to answer than the font problem workaround thingy.

Grouping layers is like putting them in a folder. It simplifies the view in the layer panel and also allows you to apply Color Adjustments and Effects to the group rather than to each layer individually. You can move layers within a group, move layers into and out of the group by dragging them in the layers panel. You can also and ungroup the layers at any time. If you have a complex drawing, you can also put groups inside other groups.

Merging layers is more permanent than grouping. When you merge layers, all selected layers are combined into a single bitmap layer. Any text or shapes will be converted to bitmaps and all the selected layers will be merged into one. You can still edit this one layer but you lose the ability to go back and edit the individual layers that made up the merged layer. This can be useful in a large or complex drawing where you can merge layers you have finished editing.

I hope this helps.

- Stef.
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2018-06-17 16:02:34

Thank you again!!!