Can I add a new shape into Pixelmator Pro library? Specifically a hexagon.

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2018-06-07 18:17:32

I want to add a generic hexagon shape into my Pixelmator Pro 1.1. Any way to possibly do this?

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2018-06-07 18:54:58


If you open an svg-file in Pixelmator Pro then you can drag a layer from that file to the shapes palette (View > Show Shapes)

So, for example, open this file in Pixelmator Pro: ... exagon.svg
Then open the shapes palette and drag the layer to the palette. It will now be added as a shape that you can edit etc.

Hope that works out for you.
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2018-06-07 19:52:10

thank you so much.. hopefully i'll get better at figuring out the software better.

Again, thanks so much.. I got it to work and that's a credit to you..

Much appreciated.