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2018-05-31 22:46:47

How does one create a custom scale for this new feature, just having 0.50X, 1X, and 2X does not cut it for me. I need to be able to say I want the image exported to a specific width as well. But at the very least allow me to create a custom scale that would result in the same thing.

Maybe this ability is there but I certainly cannot find it.
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2018-06-01 00:25:58

I agree. Having 2x and 3x is great, but only if you're editing a vector. If I'm editing a 2x resolution file and I want to save a 1x and 2x, the docs say I have to export a 1x and a 0.5x. Fine, but changing the suffix doesn't seem to save. And if I'm editing a 3x, I guess I'm out of luck as you said because there's no 0.33x.
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2018-06-01 02:12:19

To me it looks like what they intend for us to do is make the size of the image we are working on match up to possible choices. So what I did was setup my image size at 2400px width so that would give me the 1X and the 0.5X would give me the 1200px width I normally use. Seems a little strange to force this on us but it was the only solution I could see.

I prefer to leave the images at the size generated by the camera and then when I export I scale them down to what I need, but having a fixed set of scaling options does not allow for that type of work flow. Plus I just don't think in terms of scaling I prefer to think in terms of the size I need.

Guess I'm weird!
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2018-06-01 02:58:05

For what you're doing, you just need to resize the image to 1200 (or whatever) and export for web at 1x. This will give you the size you want with the web optimizations. These 0.5x, 2x, and 3x are for creating multiple copies that are used for high DPI screens. If you aren't creating these extra copies, just use 1x.
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2018-06-07 08:49:01

I got same problem too.
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2019-11-01 08:55:35

I agree, there should be an option so I can work with the 3x image as a default and then scale that down to 2x and 1x.
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2019-11-01 09:42:57

Thanks for the reminders about this — this is on our feature request list, just need to find the time to address it in the best way.
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2019-11-02 07:40:19

Well, I have been waiting for an Export resizing feature for some time now, to be able to get rid of APS; two boxes with W and H dimensions so one can resize an image as adequate as possible. At Export of course, the original should stay the same size. I use this all the time, it's very useful indeed, pinpointing to the need at hand.

I was on the brink of (also) purchasing Pro when I read the above, however, for now I will struggle on with APS on an old machine.
Happy coding Andrius! I will check back regularly (-: