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2018-05-24 16:04:42

As it says in the thread, I want to be able to remove the fill colour leaving just the stroke as I could do in Pixelmator 1 by turning the opacity of the fill down.

any thoughts?
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2018-05-24 16:59:25

Hi Jarrod,

There are two places where text gets fill information:
1. From the Text tool. This can fill character by character and can be solid only.
2. From the Style tool. This fills the whole text object but can be solid or gradient.
The Style tool fill happens over/after the Text tool fill so will appear to over-ride it.

To make your text transparent but with an opaque stroke:
1. In the Text tool, make the fill transparent.
2. In the Style tool, ensure that Fill is not active.
3. In the Style tool, set the Stroke as desired.

Hope this helps.

- Stef.
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2018-05-31 09:57:33

Thanks, Stef