Text outline and fill

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2018-04-30 02:59:11

How do I make text with a black outline and a different color fill? It was so easy in 3.7!!
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2018-04-30 05:44:27

Hi junebug.

This is pretty much the same in Pixelmator Pro and Classic Pixelmator, just that the tools are in a different place. The text tool has a fill which can be applied to the whole text object, or letter by letter. The text fill can be over-ridden and a stroke can be added using the Style tool (the top tool in the tools palette).

I guess the big difference is that in Classic Pixelmator you might leave the styles palette open all the time wheras in Pixelmator Pro it's only visible when the Style tool is selected.

Hope this helps.

- Stef.
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2018-04-30 15:48:19

OK, I see it now.

This is going to take a bit more effort relearning than I thought.

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2018-04-30 18:25:25

If it's any consolation, now that I've been using Pixelmator Pro for a couple of months, most things seem to be laid out pretty logically. If I head back to Classic Pixelmator for any feature not in Pixelmator Pro yet, I wander around lost for five minutes, looking for it.