Crop a single image/layer in a document

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2017-12-25 05:57:28

I'm trying to crop an image I have set as a layer in a document (making a flyer). When I select the Crop tool, it only allows me to crop the canvas/background layer. Even if I send the image I want to crop to the background layer, I still can only change the size of the whole document. Please help, really missing the Crop tool from regular Pixelmator right now.
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2017-12-25 18:34:19

This is standard Pixelmator behaviour. Cropping is always done on the canvas never on a layer. Cropping a layer is just the same as deleting parts of a layer, which you can do by selecting the portion you want to keep of the layer (the crop), inverting the selection and deleting everything in the inverted selection with the backspace key.