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2017-11-30 13:55:15

I have seen two different methods that PP uses in handling RAW files. I'd like to hear from Pixelmater themselves.

Does Pixelmator handle it's own RAW processesing or does it rely on Apple's?

I ask this because I have not been happy with anything other than Adobe (which I can't stand BTW). I did a simple comparison using only highlight recovery and I see nothing spectacutlar with PP. In fact, it seem almost, if not exactly, identical to Apple's.

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2018-04-06 15:21:24

It does looks the same in my opinion too.
I usually use adobe, irrespective of the editing suite I'm using for my edit because it has always produced the best results.
DxO is also pretty nice.

If PP could process raws a little more like DxO or Adobe I'd be much happier using it for a RAW processing, until then I'm sticking with Photoshop or Lightroom for this part.
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2018-04-10 08:17:55

For RAW processing, we created our own tools, but the Highlights and Shadows adjustments are an area we'd love to (and absolutely plan to) improve. In this case, we'd agree that the results you get with Adobe's apps are something to aim for and that's what we'll do with any future improvements in this particular area.
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2018-04-17 09:11:25

Hey there Andrius, I tried to test out PP with a different RAW format for the sake of seeing how it handles some effects.

Credo_Barcelona_sample.IIQ CREDO 80 © Lander Larrañaga results in this message
"The document couldn't be opened. The document is damaged, or isn't compatible with Pixelmator Pro 1.0.9."
I am working on few photo concepts which I would like to publish on my bechance portfolio, and I wanted to see if I could get the same result in PP as I did previously editing the image in CC. The raws I use are CR2, so it's not going to result in any issues for me, but I assume somewhere along the line you may want to make a list of compatible RAW formats and also work on ingesting as many as possible through future development.
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2018-04-17 09:56:58

Although the color adjustments themselves are ours, we do use the Apple frameworks to open RAW files. For that reason, the cameras supported by Pixelmator Pro are the same ones found here: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT207972

The Leaf Credo 80 isn't on the list, although a few other Mamiya Leaf cameras are supported so it may eventually be added. We can also let Apple know this is a format that should be supported.

P.S. We do actually plan to have a dedicated RAW support page with a list of supported cameras just so they're easier to find.