Workflow for editing LOTS of .tiff or .png files for Video

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2021-09-04 05:30:22

SO I have a dead pixel or dust on my sensor. not sure which yet, but the easiest and cleanest way to fix it is to bring it frame by frame into Pixelmator Pro and use the heal tool.

I have to use the heal tool on one spot for like a good 300+ photos.

I have exported all the images out of my video editing software, so I just have a ton of .tiff files right now.

What's the quickest way to open them up in Pixelmator Pro, heal them, move on to the next one, and then save them all as .tiff files again?

So far I can open them all up and fix them, but saving is proving to be a true pain since they can't just resave as .tiff files without me having to do a special export involving a few clicks for each individual photo. and I've got a lot to do.
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2021-09-13 10:53:15

Hi! I know there are dedicated tools out there for managing dead pixels but it's not really something you can do in Pixelmator Pro, unfortunately.
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2021-09-13 11:10:08

Well I just did it. It did take a while and it was much better than using several of the dead pixel plugins for Final Cut Pro. I exported an image sequence from FCP as Tiff files. Then I set Pixelmator not to automatically open finals in the Pixelmator extension file format. Then I just used a keyboard shortcut to go from tab to tab after clicking with the heal tool in the same spot as the dead pixel. Then I just had to close Pixelmator and hit save for every file. Wish there was one button to press to save all tabs before closing instead of doing them one at a time. But that’s really the only part that took a while. Then I just reimported them image sequence into final cut and I was all done.
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2021-09-13 12:22:04

Cool! Glad to hear you found a way to make this work. Also, if you quickly press Command + S (Save) on your keyboard after you're done repairing a photo, you should be able to close all tabs at once when closing Pixelmator Pro.
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2021-09-14 11:45:38

I have to hit Command + S on each photo to save them all. If I just do Command + S on one photo, I can close that one photo just fine, but I have about 200+ images. So when I hit Command + S on one of them, then Command + Q to close, I get a dialogue box that says You Have X Documents with unsaved changes. Do you want to review these changes before quitting? I can either discard changes (I don't want to do), Cancel (I don't want to do), or Review Changes... to which then it goes picture by picture asking me to Don't Save, Cancel, or Save with each photo. So then I just sit there hitting 'Enter' over and over again. Which is fine, just takes a lot of time. But it would be nice to just hit one Save button somehow to save ALL tabs simultaneously so I don't have to review each and every individual tab opened.

I understand that's not a normal thing people do. they don't usually work on 200+ Pixelmator pro documents at once, but it would be cool to have that option
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2021-09-15 12:59:09

Command + Q quits the Pixelmator Pro app completely, and before it does, it has to ask you if you want to keep the changes you've made or not. That's just how the Apple files system works — we can't really do a lot about it. What you can do to improve/speed up the current workflow, though, is edit, save and close the images one at a time. You can use the Command + W shortcut for this — it closes the current document tab you're working on rather than all documents at once. See if the steps below work for you:

1. Open your images in Pixelmator Pro (with import turned off)
2. Make your edits on the first image
3. Press Command + S to save
4. Press Command + W to close the tab

Once you're done with these steps, the next tab will automatically open and you'll be able to repeat steps 2 through 4 again.