Pixelmator for iOS slow and buggy for me

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2020-11-01 20:22:20

Not sure if others have experienced this. I use Pixelmator for iOS a LOT. But I’m still having lots of bug issues since they did the big refresh/update earlier this year. File folder interface is inconsistent, crashes still occur (no lost photos recently thankfully) but most frustrating of all is the fact that it takes 15-20 seconds to close a project so I can go to another. Since the quality of a resize is way better if you open up a layer as a whole new project. I typically resize things by closing the current project and opening up another project to do the resizing. Then I close that and reopen the main project. It’s made an already tedious process...even worse. I end up screaming at my iPad. It seems crazy to me that a program running on such a high-end tablet would experience this. I know 15-20 seconds doesn’t seem horrible when you read it - but it feels like a lifetime. I have a 2020 iPad Pro. It’s a generally zippy and always up to date device. This app is the only one that gives me problems. Any news on fixes to this issue?
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2020-11-03 10:58:08

I don't think these are common issues, to be honest, so it would be really great if you could email us about this support@pixelmator.com — we'd love to dig deeper and get some reproducible steps for your issues!
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2020-12-06 17:37:29

Just to follow up in case others are having this problem. I was able to resolve the issue by completely deleted the app and reinstalling it which appears to have corrected the issue. My guess is there were some hidden files (possibly leftovers from previous builds of the app) which were causing the problem. But a complete Delete/Reinstall did the trick. Now it's back to being snappy. Just a note though the "Offload" / Reinstall doesn't do the trick. It has to be a complete delete/reinstall.
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2020-12-11 05:33:14

I am also facing the same issue of being slow. I tried Deleting/Reinstalling but the issue is still there. May be we have to upgrade the phone itself. I am currently using iPhone 6 plus ios 13. May be this is the problem.
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2020-12-18 16:35:43

Nice troubleshooting, Ben! Thanks for sharing.

Prakash, if you haven't already, could you shoot us a quick email to support@pixelmator.com about this? We'll take it from there.