Adjusting pressure sensitivity?

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2020-02-20 04:28:22

Using my Apple Pencil, every line I make is various sizes and various shades of grey. If I want a standard full-black line at the exact pixel width I specified, I have to press way too hard. Or draw with my finger instead, as pressure sensitivity does not effect that, but drawing with one’s finger obviously leads to a far cruder image and more difficult experience than simply using the pencil.

Is there any way to adjust a brush’s pressure sensitivity? Or, if nothing else, simply toggle it off completely so I can have full-black uniform-thickness lines?

This is really the only thing turning me off of using Pixelmator as my primary drawing app.

Thank you!
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2020-02-20 15:45:34

Hey Jaret, there isn't a way to turn this off at the moment but you can bet it's something we'd love to add! It's on our roadmap for future updates.